Choir Choir Finn Idol 2013 Finale Vappu April 27, 2013 Arto and Otto joined Finntasia to sing "Olen Suomalainen" in the finale. 178595663 Laila and the Four Cats Laila Kinttunen and the Four Cats performed as part of Finn Idol 2013 singing Katariinan Kamarissa 178595664 Funtasia Funtasia, another contestant, sang the ballad "On Hetki" 178595666 The judges Celebrity judges included Finnish rock legend Irwin Badman and star vocalist Kutri-Helena 178595670 Finnish Society Christmas Party 2012 Finntasia performed at the Finnish Society Christmas party on December 8, 2012. 171023067 Tahdet Tahdet Finntasia teamed up with Arto and Otto for some Finnish pop hits. December 8, 2012. 171023069 Finnish Society Christmas Party 2011 Finntasia sings at the Finnish Society Christmas party, December 10, 2011, accompanied by Otto Pekkonen on accordion. 145080518 Celebrate the Season 2011 Finntasia at the Alberta Legislature, December 4, 2011. 146348547 Christmas Party 2010 Finntasia entertained the audience with several Finnish carols. Dec 11, 2010 109628694 Celebrate the Season 2010 Finntasia sang a selection of Finnish and non-Finnish carols at the Alberta Legislature on Sunday, December 5, 2010. 108947240 Fashion Show 2010 A musical fashion show featuring some of Finland's top models, presented at Vappu 2010 104857882 Finnish Society Christmas 2008 The choir sings Finnish Christmas songs at the Finnish Society Christmas party 2008 107217861 Independence Day 2007 Songs to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Finland's independence 104624087 Heritage Days 2007 The choir sang at the Scandinavian Pavilion in August 2007 104857221 Midsummer 2006 Dressed in bright blue and white, the choir sang at the Scandinavian Midsummerfest at Rundle Park in June 2006 107217860 Desperate Housemaids 2006 A musical play about romance in a Finnish farmhouse 104857223 Celebrate the Season 2005 Finntasia presented a program of Finnish and English Christmas carols 104857222 Gypsy Love Musical 2005 A colorful tale of passion and romance with lots of dancing and humor 103526183 Tiernapojat Christmas Play 2004 This medieval pageant was recreated on the Finnish Society stage 103526180 Stars Revue 2004 Everyone from Elvis to Pavarotti was in this show 103526181